Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's on Your Christmas List?

Every year we are faced with all the commercialization of Christmas. What gift will I give, how much will I spend?, etc. The greatest question should be "What investment can I make in someone's life for eternity?" Let me suggest a few gift ideas that are investments in eternity: How about a good study Bible? I know a couple of family members that I would like to give them a good study Bible, so I am considering "The MacArthur Study Bible." Excellent resource now available in both the NJKV and the NASB with thousands of explanatory notes. Some other ideas are good books like "Stop Dating the Church" by Joshua Harris and "The Almost Christian Discovered" by Matthew Mead (1629-1699). Whatever gift you decide upon, consider one that will make an investment in someone's life for eternity. For more book ideas click here.

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