Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas and Greed

I know that you are well aware that Christmas time is also a time for selfishness and greed. Because the exchanging of gifts is so emphasized it's not hard to get caught up in the moment. But we must remember that this time is not about us, it's about Him (Jesus). This is a time to remember why Jesus Christ came into the world. He didn't come so that you could have nice gifts. He came to die for your sin. As you celebrate Christmas, begin by reading the Scripture together as a family. Talk to your children about the true meaning of Christmas. Don't lay as much attention on the gifts but the giver of the greatest gift. Pray as a family. Teach your children that you have to die to self daily and when they are only focused on "things" it breeds covetousness. Teach your kids to love Jesus and the things of God rather than the world. But also remember that the best teaching is your actions as opposed to your words, so be consistent. If you are saying one thing to your kids and doing something entirely different, they will see that immediately and ignore what you're saying.

Not interested in teaching your kids the right response? Then do nothing. They will manifest greed, selfishness, and covetousness all on their own because this is what naturally comes from their heart. It takes work but lazy parents are not interested in instructing their kids in doing what is right!

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