Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Uncompromising Life

Someone once said, "Compromise always reduces the effectiveness of our life for God. " He's right! When you compromise God's Word there will be devastating consequences. But on the other hand, "if you live an uncompromising life - regardless of who becomes angry or how many are offended because of what they term a lack of love - God will honor it. If you stand against sin and evil, God will fill your life with joy and happiness. If you stand with honesty, God will sustain and support you. If you truly believe those things, you won't compromise - you'll take God at His Word" (John MacArthur, An Uncompromising Life, Grace to You, p.58).

I want to encourage you today to stand against sin and evil, stand with honesty and take God at His Word.

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Gracebyfaith said...

How true. When you compromise the the Living truth of Jesus. I really have to wonder if you really knew Jesus at all. You may have herd of him you may even believe in him, but alot of people believe the question is do you belong to him. John 8:34 If you continue in my word, then you are truly my disciples, and the truth will make you free"