Friday, May 18, 2007

What Do You Do When You Blow It?

We have been asking questions this week concerning anger. Today, I want to ask one more, “What do you do when you blow it?” All of us blow it, but the real issue is what do you do about it or what do you do to prevent it from happening again? I want to give some basic principles that address this last question.

First, you admit it. Before you can move forward with any sin, you must admit you’re the one who did it. So you need to first admit it to yourself, then to the one you were angry with and ultimately to God.

The second thing you must do is repent and learn from it. Understand what it was that made you angry. Rehearse what you will do if this occurs again and then thirdly refocus yourself on what is right. To do that you must go back to what we said yesterday: Put others first, use discretion, practice patience, love without conditions and practice the example of Christ.

Three simple steps though no so simple to apply. As with all truth, you can only apply it as you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit. When you do you will see fruit.

So as you think over the issue of anger, ask yourself these six questions, and then find a way to glorify God in your anger.

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