Friday, May 26, 2006

Desiring God (Pt.2)

Yesterday we looked at Psalm 42:1-2 where David indicates the insatiable desire he had for God. I asked whether we have this same desire. Notice the intensity of it. "As a deer pants." He is literally "longing" for water. David describes this as his desire for God. He didn't feel this way about the world. Remember the apostle John said, "Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever" (1 John 2:15-17). Do you "pant" after God? Is that your "soul's longing." I know that we are hindered by sin and the flesh, even David indicated to us in Psalm 103:1 that he had to tell his "soul" to "bless the Lord." But do you do this? How can we cultivate this kind of longing? Well, I believe it begins with what we're craving or I should say "who" we are craving. David craved for God. The deer craved for water. When you want God that bad then you will have the desire that David talks about here. Begin by asking Him to consume your desires. Make a priority to put Him first today. Start by prayer and reading His Word. I guarantee your desire will grow and change as you do this. The key is "priority." Read Psalm 37:4 and see what the key was in David's desire in this verse and apply that in your heart today.

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